A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


This game is my entry for the libGDXJam. It isn't 100% complete but I got as far as I could with the limited amount of time that we were given. There are a lot more things that I wish to add and fixe. You can find the source files at https://github.com/jfsaaved and read the developer log at http://itch.io/jam/libgdxjam/topic/12780/jfsaaveds....


You will play as a space hunter in this simulator game. You will travel the galaxy with your ship. There are 2 types of planets that you may access. One is friendly and the other is hostile. You get to sell your findings or buy supplies on friendly planets. You get to explore and hunt the hostile ones and earn artifacts or food. There are a few skills/attributes. You'll have to explore for artifacts, hunt aliens or maintain your ship to increase them and earn the benefits. You'll lose the game if you neglect the following: health, hunger, ship's fuel, or ship's health.


Up or Down to move the cursor, Left or Right to move the hero, and Z to continue/interact with an option

Install instructions

Run the .jar files


space-hunter-window-mode.jar 10 MB
space-hunter-fullscreen-mode.jar 10 MB


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Nice game, the user interface is really great!

i appreciate it!


Pretty cool, but you should've selected "Enter" instead of "Z" I pressed all buttons on my keyboard until i could finally start the game ;-)

Btw:on german keyboard, its "y"

oh man, that's pretty dumb of me. but thanks, i'll keep that in mind. i appreciate for trying it out


Quite simple but was fun enough to try it all.
Nice menus! It is enjoyable to select the options.

Wow thanks for trying it out! I appreciate it.